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  • “A fantastic, innovative product sure to put a smile on the face of cyclists & gardeners alike.”

    London Cycling Campaign
  • “I'm so impressed with Plantlock; it is a dream come true for us city people with bikes!”

  • PlantLock “is one of those things that you look at and just go, duh. Of course!”

    Leann Locher / Sassy Gardener
  • “In green, (BikePort) looks rather like a stout laurel hedge, which has the advantage of not shouting ‘parked bikes’”

    Claire Armitstead, The Guardian
  • “the ingenious PlantLock.....”
  • “This is one of the greatest things I have seen in a long time.”

    Melissa / heavypetal
  • BoxDock “provides a well-crafted and modern looking solution to an urban issue.”
  • “Sexy green planters with built-in rails that can accommodate two bikes!”
  • “Many thanks - I do appreciate the excellent service and communication; it makes a difference.”

    Susan Kelly - customer
  • “The best thing I’ve seen at the London Design Festival”

    customer, Super Design Market at the Royal Festival Hall
  • “We stumbled across the PlantLock at the London Cycle Show and quickly realised that it was a real talking point, more so than some of the high-end carbon bikes on display.”

    Mathew Cole, BikeRadar
  • “Imagine if these were used in cities nationwide...”
  • “PlantLock - So good I bought one for home”

    Stuart, shop owner, Bikefix
  • “A great-looking alternative to the traditional (ugly) bike rack.”
  • “No more unsightly bike racks, plus added space for urban greenery.”

    Andrea Bellamy
  • “That's really clever”

    Cycle Show visitor, Earl’s Court London.
  • BoxDock & PlantLock selected for Contains Exhibition (exemplary products for green living) Newcastle, UK

  • “Sweet! Much cooler and friendlier than your regular old bike rack.”

  • “Front Yard Company.....provide some order to front yards with well-designed and functional furniture.”
  • “Thanks to you we now have the smartest front yard in the street!”


Home is where it starts (and the heart is). Use the marketstall to see products. ‘About us’ gives a little of the Front Yard Company’s philosophy & background, while the Blog is for the broader & narrower interests of those involved. New arrivals features some birds, plants & other creatures that have recently arrived to make this country their home.

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